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By The Metal Gods Meltdown, 2017-09-05

                                                                                                             Title: Dark Manoeuvres
                                                                                                             Label:Self Release
                                                                                                             Release Date:  6th October 2017 
WOAH!!!!! Devilfire are going to be damn huge. FACT! “Dark Manoeuvres” is the band’s debut Album and it’s going to blow your mind, its full of delicious , powerful, emotional, hook laden riffs that will rock your soul and have you boogying and singing into the night.
Opening with the highly addictive “Ready for War” its full to the brim with Hard Rocking punching the air in ecstatic delirium as the music enthuses and beguiles you, then the super cool “She’s Like Fire” bounces into the room this is going to be a killer live, as you bop and sing along to this compelling and highly sexy groove machine.
So, two songs in I am already blown away and a new fan of Devilfire, they are truly exceptional!
Fronted by the mega talented Alex Cooper on Vocals and aided with the scintillating Guitars of Baz Blackett and Richard Bloomer-Davies, The Band are already like the cat who’s gotten the cream with just those three guys, then added to the line-up is the super solid rhythm section of Lars Wickett on drums and Davey Bennett on Bass makes this kitty cat purr and show its claws as they bring pure Rock and Roll to your presence.
“In and Out of Love” continues to move and ignite your soul as this Bluesy infused number has you moving and schmoozing to the bands Hard Rocking swagger. Talking of swagger “Waiting for a Rockstar” delivers on all fronts and is a favourite of mine on this opus as this numbers drenched in pure Hard Rocking Meltdown that many a band would have been proud of back in the heady days of Eighties its full of good time grooves and damn fine catchy lyrics.
The next track is a melodious delight as “Lay it on The Line” beguiles and enthuses you, it’s superb with its arena anthem fuelled vibes taking your breath away. “Kill Your Love” is a punchy, head bashing express train taking you to Hard Rock heaven! Then the Blues are brought fully to the fore with “Tear me apart” it’s get your Zippos out time and let the music seep into your heart, moving and beautiful is the best way to describe this song.
“God give me vengeance” has some killer lyrics that sees some dynamic and killer riffs as you sing along, another favourite on a Album of pure gems for me on this thirteen-track monster! The good time rocking just doesn’t stop as “Devil in your Eyes” sees Satan weaving his magic as the band crack out another trail blazing tune. Simply awe-inspiring stuff as “(You Gotta) Revolution” punches you in the throat with its pure Metal neck straining intensity, the heaviest song on here and its outta this world!   The splendour of ‘She is always on the run’ is up next. 
It’s a touch of classic hard rock, a real roller-coaster of a track that really shows the bands versatility and highlights the bands dynamism.
Penultimate track “A thousand times” pounds and makes a killer statement, as the drums pummel and the guitars let loose some cracking riffs. For me personally with my own spin is: “A Thousand Times” let’s make DEVILFIRE HUGE!!! This work of art ends with “Somehow” it brings everything down a notch it’s a stunning spine-tingling effect brings the Album to a close.
Devilfire have already toured with former Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen playing to capacity 2000 sold out venues these guys are the real deal and with outa doubt the best new up and coming band here in the UK. Not many if any deserve success as much as this Birmingham based group of super talented musicians! Without a doubt, the Debut Album of 2017!!!
Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score: 10/10
Reviewed:4.09.17            Facebook       
1. Ready For War?
2. She's Like Fire
3. (In And Out Of Love) All Of The Time
4. Waiting For A Rockstar
5. Lay It On The Line
6. Kill Your Love
7. Tear Me Apart
8. God Give Me Vengeance
9. Devil In Your Eyes
10. (You Gotta) Revolution
11. She's Always On The Run
12. A Thousand Times
13. Somehow
Band Lineup:
Alex Cooper
Baz Blackett
Davey Bennett
Lars Wickett
Richard Bloomer-Davies


By The Metal Gods Meltdown, 2017-07-24


                                                                                                         Title: Shades of Humanity

                                                                                                         Label: The EMP Label

                                                                                                         Release Date: 27th July 2017

Having first caught Shadowside at the PPM Festival in Belgium a few years ago and being simply blown away by the enigmatic sultry performance of Lead vocalist Dani Nolden myself and my partner were totally mesmerized by her dominant, high powered stage presence and immediately went to the merch stand to buy their three Albums and tour shirt after their superb show! I then managed to catch Dani for a quick interview unfortunately the zine (sic) I was then writing for never published the interview.

Fast forward to 2017 I managed to catch an in-depth chat with Dani a few months back and found out loads about “Shades of Humanity” and much more and waited with bated breath to get a listen to the Brazilian/ Swedish Metallers latest work.


This platter is full of delicious riffs, high octane vocals and killer Metal insanity, that smashes you in the face from the start with “The Fall” its heaviness impresses as Dani Noldens powerful Vocals grasp you around the throat as the band pummel you, combined with Raphael Mattos Riffs shredding and the vigorous rhythm section of former Hammerfall Bassist Magnus Rosén and Fabio Buitvidas on Drums this opener impresses and works you neck muscles!

The “Beast Inside” Rampages and sees Nolden continue to belt out her angst, this woman is so damn talented as the solo from Mattos breaks in and cracks your cranium.  One of my favorite tracks on here is the strong and exceptional “What if” it’s only a tad bit slower than the first two tracks but Dani Nolden continues to stretch her Vocal chords and the meaning of the song cuts deep to the bone.


 “Make My Fate” crushes and destroys your brain cells and earth continues to be scorched. Then another favorite on here for me “Insidious Me” its juddering effects combined with its exceptional musicianship are simply divine.

“Stream of Shame” is a must listen as you take in the tragic disaster that saw toxic waste bury a village and kill many in Noldens homeland not so long ago.

Experimental tracks “Drifter" and final track “Alive” will surprise the Bands hard core following, but I think they are both impressive and massively appealing, stuck in between these two tracks you have the stunning “Unreality” this is a must play live (like the whole Album) but this one will have you punching the air in Metal abandonment as you sing your lungs out…Hell Yeah!


 “Shadows of Humanity” deals with deep subjects such as Depression, The Mariana Disaster in Brazil, Abortion and man kinds moral values, so yes the subject matter is intense and  it makes for a thoughtful and killer release. I feel The world needs to embrace this latest release as it truly is a monster and hopefully they will head out on a huge tour so we can all be touched again by the “Shades” of Shadowsides magnificent Metal genius, Having not had anything out since 2011 with “Inner Monster Out” you wonder was it worth the wait? I would say without a doubt… YES!


Review: Seb Di Gatto    Score: 9.5/10

Reviewed:23/07/2017                            Facebook   

Dani Nolden (vocals)
Raphael Mattos (guitars)
Magnus Rosén (bass)
Fabio Buitvidas (drums)


Track listing:

01. The Fall
02. Beast Inside
03. What If
04. Make My Fate
05. Insidious Me
06. The Crossing
07. Stream Of Shame
08. Parade The Sacrifice
09. Drifter
10. Unreality
11. Alive


kissin Dynamite Generation Goodbye -Dynamite Nights

By The Metal Gods Meltdown, 2017-07-01
kissin Dynamite Generation Goodbye -Dynamite Nights

Kissin' Dynamite 

                                                                                                   Generation Goodbye - Dynamite Nights
                                                                                                   Label:2017 AFM Records
                                                                                                   Release date: July 14, 2017
Last year German Kissin Dynamite rockers released “Generation Goodbye” an Album that easily became The Metal Gods Meltdowns Album of the Month for July 2016. Fast forward to July 2017 and these Swabian legends have released a bumper 25 track monster Live Album which includes a DVD that is surely going to see the band continue to hit the heights worldwide.
Having already released five Albums this is the Bands tenth year and so here is a mind blowing album "Dynamite Nights". It opens with “Generation Goodbye” a song I knew would go down well live, well I wasn’t wrong the energy and vitality floods through your speakers as you join the band and the crowd to sing this anthem damn LOUD! Then we get “Money ,Sex ,and Power” which is the song that kinda of got me hooked to these Teutonic terrors in the first place and like the previous song its another title track from the Bands catalogue

I have many favourite tracks from the  lads and “DNA” is one I would play to a Kissin Dynamite newbie, you really could just close your eyes and be there in the crowd. Hell yeah, this is a stunning start to an outstanding Live release. The high energy performance holds your attention as the band kick out and hit the crowd with more killer dancing songs including “Running Free” with the  full on crowd participation on “Love Me Hate Me” this leads into the first slower track the beautiful “If Clocks were Running Backwards” its gives the band and the  crowd a breather, this melodious tune sends shivers up and down your spine , it’s such a touching song,  and listening to this song on the eve of my birthday I found it hard not to have moist eyes as the lyrics hit a spot in my heart and mind, although not my favourite  Dynamite Ballad it still hits the mark. 
Then things are brought back to trouncing , bouncing fists punching the air, singing your lungs out fury as “She’s a Killer” and “Deadly” deliver their  down and dirty grooves. Leading into the wonderfully schmoozing ,and sleazy “She Came She Saw” … as you will all become conquered by its dynamic delivery as you surrender to these magnificent German Sleaze legends!  There is no doubt the band are amazing live, and they feature many tracks from their latest release , and earlier works , the songs all meld together to give the fans a dream performance ,they really have the crowd eating out of their hands as “Steel of Swabia” “Supersonic Killer” “Six Foot under” combined with the highly addictive and telling “Hashtag Your Life” these guys continue to thrill and amaze you.
Everything fits  together like an enormous magical musical jigsaw that finishes with the stunning “Flying Colours”
 Simply put I love this Band I MUST get to see them live before I die!! Only thing that disappointed me was the exclusion of “Fireflies” my fave ballad from the band.

To sum up:
 I Am not a huge fan of Live Albums to be honest but I would rate this album up there with The Scorpions “World Wide Live” released in the Eighties and my favourite Live Album!  Make sure you get a hold of this Album it’s a full-blown fun, sleaze Rocking party fest, it’s a release to shake, shout ,sing ,and rock n roll your heart out to!
 Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score 9/10


 Track listing

CD 1
1. Intro 2. Generation Goodbye 3. Money Sex & Power 4. DNA 5. Highlight Zone 6. Running Free 7. Love Me Hate Me 8. If Clocks Were Running Backwards 9. She's a Killer 10. Deadly 11. She Came She Saw 12. Somebody To Hate 13. Operation Supernova CD 2 1. Only The Good Die Young 2. Out In The Rain 3. Against The World 4. Masterpiece 5. Supersonic Killer 6. Sex Is War 7. Hashtag Your Life 8. Steel Of Swabia 9. Ticket To Paradise 10. Six Feet Under 11. I Will Be King 12. Flying Colours
DVD/Blu-ray 1. Intro 2. Generation Goodbye 3. Money Sex & Power 4. DNA 5. Highlight Zone 6. Running Free 7. Love Me Hate Me 8. If Clocks Were Running Backwards 9. She's a Killer 10. Deadly 11. She Came She Saw 12. Somebody To Hate 13. Operation Supernova 14. Only The Good Die Young 15. Out In The Rain 16. Against The World 17. Masterpiece 18. Supersonic Killer 19. Sex Is War 20. Hashtag Your Life 21. Steel Of Swabia 22. Ticket To Paradise 23. Six Feet Under 24. I Will Be King 25. Flying Colours
Line-up                                               Website     Facebook
Hannes Braun Vocals
Ande Braun Guitar
 Jim Miller Guitar
 Steffen Haile Bass
 Andreas Schnitzer Drums


Cellar Darling This is The Sound

By The Metal Gods Meltdown, 2017-06-27
Cellar Darling  This is The Sound

Cellar Darling

                                                                                                              Title:This is The Sound

                                                                                                              Label:Nuclear Blast

                                                                                                              Release Date: 30th June 2017

Okay where do I start with this Album? Having cut my Metal teeth on Paul Di Annos , Iron Maiden, Diamond Head, Motorhead, and Twisted Sister back in the early eighties I was very very close minded regarding Metal ,a Band like Cellar Darling I would have probably dismissed at once! To be honest as I grew more into the genres of Metal I crossed over to Thrash /Death Metal and “This is The Sound “would have been outta my window or hammered into pieces!

This is not balls to the wall, head thrashing, mosh pit frenzy of neck destroying Heavy Thrashing pandemonium, or even Heavy Metal, this Album is Hard Rock with Folk influences that are pleasing , soothing and draw you into its essence.


Let’s be honest when I read the bands Bio and the association with Eluveitie a Band I never took to I wasn’t sure if I wanted to review this Album when I was sent this by Nuclear Blast, but the first listen to the opener “Avalanche” and I was smacked in the chops , totally spellbound and err blown away by the hurdy gurdy!! What an addictive opening to a phenomenal release, Anna Murphy’s gorgeous vocals steal away your soul as the song binds its spell into your soul, soon as I heard this song I just knew I had to give this album a fair crack of the whip and I am so glad I did. “Black Moon” has you in a hypnotic trance as the American Indian infused vibe rocks and rolls into your cerebral cortex, I simply love the booming Bass from Ivo Henzi and Merlin Sutter’s Drums shake and rattle the floor boards.


“Challenge Me” is a magical carpet ride of emotions that fly high with  captivating lyrics that lead into   “Hullaballoo” this opens with some killer dynamics that hit on a grunge groove, I wasn’t too taken with this song at first but it grows on you and soon becomes a favorite.  The Bands Folk influences shine out on “Six Days” and “Fire Wind and Earth”  stuck in between these two songs is the “Hermit” a highlight on here for me ,as with all of the rest but this one simply sticks in my mind and was one I kept returning to more often than the others and onto the next song “Water” that simply washes over you flowing into your consciousness.


I simply adore the drumming and umm the hurdy gurdy on “Rebels” this a monumentally sublime song , yes, its poppy and radio friendly but hell who cares, , tunes like this one will give anyone a run for their money with their ethereal effects ,and sublime musicianship.

Oh my “Under The Oak Tree” has an effect that gives you goose bumps upon your goose bumps ! it’s a beautiful and moving piece. Now I have only the eleven tracks sent for review but know there are more tracks to be had so for me the final track is “High Above These Crowns” its just short of three minutes that will touch and entrall you.


 To sum Over the last seven years I have gotten into the more symphonic , folky side of the Metal / Rock scene and have become able to fully appreciate this form of music, now there have already been some fucking outstanding releases this year and Cellar Darling is way up there if not totally in front so far for 2017


Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score:10/10  

Reviewed:24.06.17                        Facebook




2.Black Moon



5.Six Days

6.The Hermi


8.Fire, Wind & Earth


10.Under The Oak Tree…

11.…High Above These Crowns


Band Line up:

 Anna Murphy(Vocals, hurdy gurdy, multi-instrumentalist) Ivo Henzi(Guitars, Bass) Merlin Sutter(Drums)

Meanstreak Blind Faith

By The Metal Gods Meltdown, 2017-05-30
Meanstreak  Blind Faith


                                                                                                   Blind Faith

                                                                                                   Label: ROAR Rock of Angels Records

                                                                                                   Release Date: 2nd June 2017

Scandinavia seems to have no end of hugely talented Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Bands and Meanstreak from Sweden deliver on all fronts with their latest Album “Blind Faith” they were formed back in 2008 by Peter Andersson the formula was to write classic traditional Heavy Metal to warm the cockles of Metal traditionalist’s   hearts and show the uninitiated to the genre that Heavy Metal isn’t all screamo Death growls.


Meanstreak deliver an Album the way it used to be with clear concise lyrics and head banging choruses to enrapture and beguile the masses.

“Blood Red Sky” opens this opus  in fine style with Andy LaGuerins superb Vocals combined with his Lead Guitar mastery that mesmerizes you as you fly high to the Metal heavens , this is a stunning opening to a must have release, the smooth fluid musicianship from this four piece is outstanding, with Thomas Johansson on Guitar, and the Rhythm section of Jonas Källsbäck on Drums and Peter Andersson on Bass secure and deliver the solid foundation of Meanstreak.


Opening with crashing drums its catchy chorus instantly  tears with its talons into your soul  as Meanstreak releases the “Animal in Me”.  The Album just continues to get stronger and stronger as you progress through , as “Retaliation Call” races outta the traps, this is pure and simply impressive and will have you punching the air , singing your lungs out, and banging your head to the frenetic guitar wizardry contained herein. 

“Settle the Score” continues to see the band shred  your brain cells with its Eighties feel you could be back in those days of poodle perms and spandex pants!


The next three tracks really make “Blind Faith” in my humble opinion  “Tear Down the Walls” is a must play live its heavy and deliriously addictive as the band  indeed do “Tear Down The Walls” Then “Tears of The Blind” keeps the pedal firmly pushed to the Metal ,this is an Anthem to have arenas around the world set ablaze with its Melodic Metal fury, and finally “Love is a Killer” with its quick fire drumming ,galloping guitars and amazing solos in between the  fiery and passionate Vocals delivered by LaGuerin  make this Album a must have!


“Come Undone” and “Fire at Will” ooze melodic Metal classiness with their chugging guitars both are a heavenly delight with some scintillating solos and neck breaking drumming there is no let up on this eleven track monster.

Penultimate track “Caught in The Crossfire” has a rip-roaring Guitar solo that Eddie van Halen would be proud off! “Gunnerside” brings the Album to a close a mighty ending to a mighty work of art from these Swedes.


Finally, if you are wanting Pure Gold Plated Melodic Metal then “Blind Faith” is for you without a doubt!



Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score:9/10

Reviewed: 29/05/17


Tracklisting:                                            Facebook      Website

1.Blood Red Sky
2.Animal In Me
3.Retaliation Call
4.Settle The Score
5.Tear Down The Walls
6.Tears Of The Blind
7.Love Is A Killer
8.Come Undone
9.Fire At Will
10.Caught In The Crossfire


Band Line Up

Peter Andersson - Bass and background Vocals
Andy LaGuerin - Lead Vocals and Guitars
Thomas Johansson - Guitars
Jonas Källsbäck - Drums and Background vocals


By The Metal Gods Meltdown, 2017-05-10


                                                                                                       Hurricanes and Halos

                                                                                                       Label: Nuclear Blast

                                                                                                       Release Date: 26.05.2017

Hurricanes and Halos is Avatariums latest release destined  to set the world ablaze near the end of May, to say this is an exceptional , vibrant , and dynamic Album is really an understatement, these Swedes have dug deep into their collective souls to produce eight tracks of irresistible, splendiferous moments that cross over the Doom threshold into up tempo, fragile ,and emotional vibrations that fill your being with thought provoking songs as well as some hellish hip shaking, heads down grooves.  


The opening track has already been seen and heard by the world and got a massive thumbs up from the bands legions of fans, Richard Nilssons Organ playing comes to the fore on this opener, it’s an energetic piece, the groups various influences shine through this Album and this upbeat intelligent song vibrates ,indeed pulls you “Into the Fire”.  

Jennie Ann Smiths delivery and immaculate voice has the edge over some of my favourite Female singers on this record and the next three tracks simply put, Blew my fucking mind! No unusually for me they aren’t all balls to the wall head banging Metal, they are three very special and absorbing Doom infused hard Rocking monsters with different vibes. The “Starless Sleep” has radio air play written all over it, its damn catchy, with some stunning riff age courtesy of Marcus Jidell on guitar ,this song instantly has you in its grip.


Then personal highlight, although I love all the songs on here “Road to Jerusalem” has middle eastern tones aplenty as you are taken on a mystical magic carpet ride of dips and swirls. Then “Medusa Child” is a gargantuan nine minute monster with its heavy and deep thudding Rhythm section of Lars Sköld Drums and Mats Rydström  Bass accompanied by a very talented young lady called Edith sharing the chorus duties with Jennie Ann Smith this song flows  taking you to higher plane as the song progresses with more killer riffs from Jidell, added with dynamic keys from Nilsson, it simply takes your breath away. “The Sky at The Bottom of The Sea” is one I had to double take at first as the comparisons between Jennie Ann Smith and the great and hugely missed Ronnie James Dio shine out the technique and delivery is so similar, you really could be listening to Dios work from the first Rainbow Albums.

“When Breath Turns to Air” is an emotional ride of haunting tones , emotional and passionate Vocals that pour into your soul, it’s such a beautiful gentle song.  “A Kiss (From the End of The World)” sees the band reignite their fire, the opening will fool you, then it transmutes into something so special words can’t really describe it, you need to listen and stand in awe at the amazing musicianship on offer from these mega talented Scandinavians. The Album finishes with the title track “Hurricanes and Halos” a compelling instrumental to end a phenomenal work of art.     

 To Sum up

From first listen  I was completely hooked this is a must have Album, no its not full on neck breaking Metal and mostly certainly not just another Doom Album from Avatarium this is something special and without a doubt will cross over the various genres of music and hopefully get lots of mainstream airplay, this is a must have Album, believe me you will not be disappointed!

 Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score: 10/10

Reviewed :09/05/17


track listing:

01. Into The Fire / Into The Storm
02. The Starless Sleep
03. Road To Jerusalem
04. Medusa Child
05. The Sky At The Bottom Of The Sea
06. When Breath Turns To Air
07. A Kiss (From The End Of The World)
08. Hurricanes And Halos



Band Line up:

Jennie-Ann Smith: Vocals
Marcus Jidell: Guitar
Lars Sköld: Drums
Mats Rydström: Bass
Rickard Nilsson: Organ                  Website             Facebook

Mirrors of Obsidian From One Form

By The Metal Gods Meltdown, 2017-05-10
Mirrors of Obsidian From One Form

Mirrors of Obsidian

                                                                                                        Title:From One Form

                                                                                                        Label: Neohuman Records

                                                                                                        Release Date: 10 May 2017
Hailing from Dublin we have Mirrors of Obsidian an invention from Brothers Ciaran Ennis (Vocals) and Eoin Ennis (Instruments) “From One Form” is the guys second release ,having bestowed upon the world a debut Album in 2010 , a seven-year gap ensued as Mirrors of Obsidian were on an extended break. What we have here is an eight track Album a virulent, demonic entity , un diluted Metal that’s dam right vicious in its intensity. Opening with “Neutral Disease” the vocals curdle your brain as the onslaught of insanity rips your skin with dynamic ferocity .


“Close to Interception” brings tears of Blood to your eyes as Ciaran Ennis guttural tones scythe their way through your consciousness. The pandemonium continues as the neck destroying “Eternity Gone” blasts into the room, its apocalyptic delivery is enticing  corrupting  your very being.

“The Core” like the opening track have already been released as singles , it’s easy to see why as the blast beats , and venomous vocals continue to  deliver with violent intent.  The torrent of Power and menacing Metal continues unabated on the excellent “Blood and Chrome”.  “Violent Reprisal” and “Light Waves” continue  a tsunami of pernicious , deathly growls that emanate from your speakers bludgeoning you relentlessly .


 Final track is the Album title “From One Form” it opens gently then transcends into brutality as the guys take you through Melodic moments of extreme metal rapture.


On first listen to this Album, I was instantly taken in by its vitriolic and aggressive state of  being, I Hope the band will become a full touring band soon ,and hit  stages everywhere. Mirrors of Obsidian are a force to be reckoned with and worth investing your hard-earned cash on.


Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score: 8.5/10            Facebook

Reviewed 5/5/17


1. Neutral Disease
2. Close to Interception
3. Eternity Gone
4. The Core
5. Blood and Chrome
6. Violent Reprisal
7. Lightwaves
8. From

Kobra And The Lotus "Prevail"

By The Metal Gods Meltdown, 2017-05-09


                                                                                   Title: Prevail I

                                                                                   Label: Napalm Records

                                                                                   Release Date: 12 May 2017

After three years Kobra and the Lotus return with their best release to date, “Prevail 1” is a diverse and captivating Album that will surprise and enthral you from start to finish.


As Kobra herself explains about this their fourth Album:

“When we are born, we are innocent, pure, and unshaped. This mandala signifies a human at the beginning of its journey. Unscathed and beautiful, the mandala is each one of us. As this album unfolds, you will notice it’s more than just music. ‘Prevail I’ is a story of visceral truth and I believe, if we’re really being honest with ourselves, everyone will find their story within it. After all, the battles may differ, but we all started as the same mandala and we are more relatable than we’d like to admit. Our only wish is that you may enjoy the freaking crap out of this album and find comfort in realizing you’re not alone.”


“Gotham” opens this exquisite work of art ,this song has been released already and played live so fans will know what to expect, it’s  crunching no nonsense killer tuneage has your blood pumping fast as you sing yourself hoarse and delight in the guitar mastery from Jasio Kulakowski and the vocal might of Kobra. You continue to feel your heart racing as the divine “Trigger Pulse” bombards you with its dynamic tones, the first two songs will leave you stunned and enthralled , this feeling continues unabated with the heart felt and deeply meaningful “You Don’t Know Me” a song I can relate to, where people judge you and go out of their way to fuck you up with false accusations and lies as they work through their own jealousy and insecurity,  I think this is probably my favourite track , yes, it’s the softest song on the album here but one  I will keep returning to , and I can imagine  having seen Kobra live that this song will be amazing .


 “Specimen X “(Mortal Chamber) thunders out of your speakers as Brad Kennedy (bass) and Marcus Lee (drums) make their mark on your being, the Guitar solo from Jasio is  intense and sumptuous. Kobra punches you in the throat with her amazing vocal ranges , this is top class Metal Album made for the twenty first century , massive in delivery ,with raw emotion that continues to impress  as you delve deeper and deeper into this killer release. “Light Me Up” is a hard-rocking anathematic number that sends shivers through you it’s simply superb with musicianship that bewitches you   " Manifest Destiny " has a huge chorus and another spell binding vocal  delivery from Paige, this woman is so damn talented she oozes passion and infects you with her Metal fervour.


“Victim” builds into crescendo that becomes a full on horns in the air head shaking delivery and like all of the tracks on this monstrosity the lyrics hit a nerve apart from “Check The Phyrg” where the band let loose on a heroic death defying instrumental, like a battering ram, we are welcomed into heavy as hell drumming, with guitar mastery that would make  Michael Schenker jealous  smashing your face in, with some top notch soloing.

 “Hell on Earth”  shakes your being as you sing the chorus and bang that head damn hard as the kick ass riffs and  Devilish Drumming batter you senseless! Final song “Prevail” is a Metallic Meltdown and a war cry of intent! It wraps up what has to be another highlight of 2017 so far.


Simply put…This album is magnificent  from start to finish, we will be waiting with Bated breath for the follow up to “Prevail 1” Kobra And The Lotus are a must see live ,and this latest piece of work will surely see the Band ready to climb to the highest of heights in the scene!




Review: Seb Di Gatto    Score :9.8/10

Reviewed: 4/5/17


Track Listing:

1.   Gotham

2.   TriggerPulse

3.   You Don’t Know

4.   Specimen X (Mortal Chamber)

5.   Light Me Up

6.   Manifest Destiny

7.   Victim

8.   Check The Phyrg

9.   Hell On Earth

10. Prevail


Kobra Paige (vocals)
Jasio Kulakowski (guitars)
Brad Kennedy (bass)
Marcus Lee (drums)


For More Info Visit:

 / 15