Interview & Presentation Flowers in Syrup

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Interview & Presentation Flowers in Syrup

We would like you present @flowers-in-syrup

We proudly present you a short interview and band presentation:

Where are you from and what’s the origin of your band/artist name?

We're from southern Germany (Stuttgart area).

The bandname derives from a longdrink. We know what kind of impression this might make, but we just liked the sound of the words: Flowers in Syrup.

Introduce shortly your band members and history

Tino: used to play in Indie- and Britrock bands, decided that it was time to start something new and different

Tobi: Metalcore bassplayer who just happened to fill in the perfect spot after a long chain of events.

Nico: Drummer in various Instrumental- and Metalbands. Tino and him founded the project in 2013.

After the Emergenza band contest, change of Lineup (Felix leaving and Tobi taking his place) and recording the first 2 EP's (Getting Closer was out in 2016, SkyDivers will be coming out in May 2017) We are willing to play at any place.

What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences?

Somewhere between Post- Rock, Alternative and Grunge. It's all the violence from our heavy rhythm section paired with the clear and airy guitar- tone and voice.

Our influences derive from a lot of different genres. Here are a few artists to give you an idea:

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Oasis, Sigur Ros, Radiohead, La dispute, björk, Dredg, The Cure, Porcupine Tree

What are the main themes or topics for your songs?

Telling stories is our top priority. When you listen to our Songs, we want you to be able to immerse yourself in the scenerio we created through various effects and dynamic sounds.

The stories vary: It can be a personal matter consisting of good old love lyrics or it can be about nature; for example mountains and open waters.

Where have you already performed and  do you have any upcoming shows?

That's quite a list, but you asked for it:

18.03.2017 Stuttgart | Das Gerber
10.03.2017 Memmingen | Kaminwerk
03.03.2017 St. Moritz, Bever | The Wolfhound
18.02.2017 Köngen | Trafo
03.12.2016 Köngen | Winterunterhaltung
25.11.2016 Landau | Das Haus
19.11.2016 Neckargemünd | MüDiWa Festival
18.11.2016 Ratingen | Manege
15.11.2016 Göppingen | Radiobühne fipsfm
05.11.2016 München | KYESO
31.10.2016 Stuttgart | Kap Tormentoso
07.10.2016 Leipzig | Flowerpower
19.08.2016 Stuttgart | Merlin Klinke-Festival
29.07.2016 Köngen | Wangerhöfe Festival
23.07.2016 Aalen | Alter Schlachthof
16.07.2016 Luzern | Baronesse
15.07.2016 Stuttgart | Danziger
14.07.2016 Stuttgart | Kap Tormentoso
03.07.2016 Stuttgart | PopArt International
25.06.2016 München | KYESO
12.06.2016 Treppendorf | Thomann Sommerfest
10.06.2016 Böblingen | Rockcafé
04.06.2016 Aalen | Alter Schlachthof
23.04.2016 Nürtingen | JaB | Musiknacht
16.04.2016 Ratingen | MANEGE
15.04.2016 Ulm | Studentencafé
19.03.2016 Albstadt | Doc Holiday
18.03.2016 Stuttgart | Universum
09.01.2016 Göppingen | Kultur Café Capone
08.01.2016 Reutlingen | Franz.K

27.11.2015 Nürtingen | Provisorium
14.11.2015 Wendlingen | Hacklebunt
17.10.2015 Wendlingen | Zentrum
09.10.2015 Ulm | Studentencafé
31.07.2015 Köngen | Wagenburg Festival
11.04.2015 Köngen | Musik Café Eisele
20..03.2015 Nürtingen | Provisorium
27.02.2015 Stuttgart | Keller Klub
22.01.2015 Stuttgart | Kap Tormentoso

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