FLY OVER(United We Are)

Artist: newnobilityband
Genre: World
Duration: 00:06:48

For the 2017 #HonestyOscars, vote for “Fly Over (United We Are)” by New Nobility for best song! New Nobility is an Australian rock band using their growing fame to spread messages of peace and unity. Their latest hit, Fly Over, tells the listener to “imagine a time, where there’s no war and enter a place near the heart/ united we are strong…it’s time we take a stand.” The song uses catchy lyrics and melodies to make the plea for world harmony so many yearn for in an increasingly divided world. Song Comment: The Gatekeeper Radio: sure its long, love the intro this guy has a Great voice, as well some great big fat piano and nice chordal work and voicings, love that thick synth rolling around, big bass emanating . tasty guitar work and then it builds into a massive ballad. its a slow burn folks as the song moves through the storyline. nicely placed instrumentation. love to all

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