Dr JohnsUnsigned Rock Surgery 23/05/2017

album: live radio show
genre: all new unsigned bands
streams: 27

Dr JohnsUnsigned Rock Surgery 23/05/2017
24/05/17 19:53:45 @johnsrockshow:
Band list
30 Below @Ashes Deano Silk Music Ethan Brosh The Fargo Railroad Co.@ambersonbaggetband Roaming SoldiersSwamp Harlot @SouthernRaidersBand Steve Rodgers Michael Tiffany
@redbutler The Strawkites ZeroGravity @UNDER A SILVER SKY
The Grey Merchant Glory Fades The Vinyl Reprisal STAGS SMITHRADIO Loose Hounds DEMON K @BLACKATBONES Circus of Power @CYRONIC TEMPLE The Darker my Horizon
Damaj Baleful Creed - Seismic Shifter - CD Release Jupiter Falls
@MUSTANG Rat Face Lewey @RON COOPER Unwritten Rulz
44 Fires Mattersphere Conspires To Gerald W Zamponi Phillip Strange

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