Traitor Discounted

By Hamerex, 2016-12-30
Traitor Discounted

Our new album, Traitor, is available at a discounted price on our Bandcamp website, and has been reduced to £6 from £8 with free postage, and is available at this price until 3rd January 2017. The digital version has been dropped from £6 to £4.

Also discounted is the Magazine and album bundle, dropped from £10 to £8, and has £2 postage.

To take advantage of this discount, head over to http://hamerex.bandcamp.com/album/traitor

Traitor Christmas & New Year Sale (Offer ends 3rd January)

Traitor (Digital) £4.00 was £6.00
Traitor (CD) £6.00 was £8.00 with free postage and packaging
Traitor and Magazine £8.00 was £10.00 with £2.00 postage and packaging

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The Traitor Album Revealed

By Hamerex, 2016-09-15
The Traitor Album Revealed

It’s been a long time coming, a year and a half to be exact, but we are absolutely delighted to be able to officially announce our upcoming third album, ‘Traitor’, which we’ve been writing since March 2015, and will be released on Friday 7th October, exactly 3 years after the release of our previous album ‘IX’.

‘Traitor’ is the first time we’ve ever sat down as a band and written full songs together, and from our perspective, the results have been incredible. We believe we’ve written our strongest ever material, and what we’ve learnt from Rites of Passage, IX and The Last Ride, we’ve also been able to improve the production considerably, with Mick Armistead having mastered the album. A special thanks also goes out to Promethium’s Daniel Lovett-Horn, who was originally supposed to be mixing the album with Mick in the studio, though insisted Andy mixed it after hearing the rough mixes.

Though the album only features eight songs, as opposed to ten like the band’s previous efforts, the run time is still just short of 50 minutes. It’s also the first Hamerex studio album to feature Steve on vocals after a successful introduction with last year’s highly praised ‘The Last Ride’ E.P.

Also, a first for the band, is that partial funding for the album was achieved through a crowdfunding campaign where fans raised a fantastic £300 to help print the album. We’re still committed to making copies available to those that pre-ordered through the campaign before the release date, though they have received the digital version already.

Keira James has returned and designed a stunning piece of art to grace the album cover, while working very closely with the band to get the right look for the CD layout.

The Dark Tower
Dead Mountain
The Nameless One
Eyes of Deceit
The Abyss
The Evil Within
Journey’s End

All songs were written by Steve Blower, Andy Firth and Darren Kelsall, with ‘Dead Mountain’ and ‘Journey’s End’ touching on historical events with the Dyatlov Pass Incident and Hindenburg disaster. ‘The Evil Within’, a 9 minute epic monster, focuses on the state of the human race, which was lyrically fuelled by terrorism, politics, extinction and the media.


There are some surprises on the album, such as the experimental instrumental track, ‘The Abyss’, which was written as we recorded it, and there’s also some great moments throughout, such as ‘The Nameless One’.

We’re extremely proud of this album, and we hope you look forward to it as much as we’re looking forward to unleashing it on the world on 7th October 2016.

To pre-order ‘Traitor’, you can go to Amazon or the band’s Bandcamp page, where you’ll also receive the track ‘Journey’s End’ when you pre-order, which is also available to stream.

Crowdfunding Magazine Available To Pre-Order

The 12 page crowdfunding special magazine that we had available during our Traitor campaign is now available to pre-order through bandcamp for only £5 with free postage, with funds going towards helping to support the upcoming album’s release.

The magazine will feature band member biographies and an honest look in to the early days of the band from Steve trying to form a band in 2001 until the end of 2005. There’s also the requested Mishaps & Bizarre feature, which takes a look at some strange occurrences and accidents at gigs and in the practice room.

At this present moment, the magazine will be available for only a limited amount of time so make sure order your copy as soon as you can so as not to miss out.

Pre-order the magazine here.

Hamerex on Heavier Than Time 4 Year Show Tonight

We’re delighted to be included on the Heavier Than Time’s 4 year celebration show over atwww.acaciaradio.com tonight, which hits the airwaves from 6pm-9pm UK Time.

The first hour of tonight’s show is dedicated to many of the bands that Acacia Radio have supported, from local acts to bands from around the world! There will also be tributes to some of the legendary musicians who have passed on since Cory (Evermore Evil) started presenting Heavier Than Time.

In the last hour of the show, Cory will be blasting out some of his favourite tunes as well as some excellent Covers and a Featured Album!

Traitor Crowdfunding Campaign Now Live

We're delighted to announce that our crowdfunding campaign for the 'Traitor' album is now live on Indiegogo, which you can view the campaign page here.

We have set up a number of pre-orders/perks that include digital and CD editions of the album (signed or unsigned), as well as campaign exclusive items such as a making of DVD-R, a signed photo, a magazine and a sheet of handwritten lyrics. These are all available separately with a copy of the album or together in a bundle with everyone that helps to raise funds receiving a discount card for use at our gigs and they will receive a credit in the album booklet. As well as this Steve has donated his Gibson Explorer to help raise funds for the album, which will of course include a bundle inside the guitar case.

We hope to get quite a bit of support for our first crowdfunding venture to help allow us to reach our modest goal of £570 to print our third album, and we do encourage everyone to share the campaign on social media to help us achieve this.

We will make regular updates throughout the campaign as the album goes in to mixing and details are finalised over the course of the next two months.

View our Indiegogo page for Traitor.

We’re pleased to confirm that out of 408 bands that applied from around the world, Hamerex have made it in to the top 100 and are in the first Heat of the biannual TBFM Factor 2016.

In this radio battle of the bands, we will be going up against 9 other bands in the heat, which takes place on Sunday 17th January, with the top two making their way to the semi finals.

Fans will be deciding who progresses to the next round as the voting opens to the public once the show on TBFM concludes, with the successful bands being announced the following week.

To vote, you can visit www.tbfmfactor.com and to tune in to the show for heat one, go to www.tbfmonline.com on Sunday 17th January at 5pm. Prizes for the competition include:


  • A 6 months TBFM Management contract offer (doesn’t have to be accepted)
  • Front cover and 4 page feature in the June 2016 edition of the TBFM Magazine
  • A full website design/re-design package worth up to £1,000
  • A lyric/animated video from an award winning animator worth up to £350
  • A 3 month PR package from Stampede Press
  • 12 month Ernie Ball guitar strings endorsement worth over £1,000
  • A paid gig at Resin Events venue – The Firebug, Leicester (date to be arranged)
  • A 3-4 gig tour with Lost Island Bookings (paid)


  • Interview in TBFM Magazine
  • 3 month PR package from Down The Rabbit Hole PR


  • 3 months free advertising on TBFM Website
  • Paid gig offers from Resin Events (based in Leicester)
  • Featured in the TBFM Magazine
  • A press release to all major media outlets promoting your band

We hope to have your support for the competition, and you can keep up to date with us on Facebook and Twitter.

The Last Ride free to download and merch discount code

As many of you know, tomorrow marks the 11 year anniversary of the band forming. The last couple of years, you'll also be aware that we've had sales on, where we've dropped the price of our merch.

This year, for only 24 hours, starting at midnight tonight, we will be making the digital version of The Last Ride E.P. free to download on our bandcamp page. However, we would like to make you aware that we have a 200 free download limit. Basically it only allows for 50 people to download the full E.P before it returns to a paid status, so make sure you get in early. If we can extend that limit then we will.

Also, from right now, you can buy anything that's available on our bandcamp store, digital and physical, at 50% off if you use the 11yearsofmadness discount code at checkout. This will be available all weekend, with the code ending at 11:59 UTC on Sunday.

To see what's available on our store, visit our bandcamp page.

Hamerex to re-release Rites of Passage digitally on IX Music

We're pleased to confirm that we will be re-releasing our debut album Rites of Passage digitally through our IX Music label on 11th September since our deal with Casket Music has expired. We currently have CD copies available on our websites, but due to complications, we're unable to do a full physical re-release at this time, which we still hope to rectify in the near future. Rites of Passage will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and a number of other digital retailers and streaming services.

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